staff recruitment

Staff Recruitment is a key component in the business development phase. The best laid plans can be de-railed by an ill-conceived hire. It’s important to know what the prevailing wages are for youth and amateur sports professionals are, what qualities make an excellent general manager or sports director, and how to structure compensation to drive results. Staff recruitment is like building a sports team. You need a confident and knowledgeable coach who can then help develop talented players in their area of expertise (marketing, operations, finance).
Runners cheer at the finish line of a color run at a sports complex

The SFA Difference

SFA operates faclilities all over the country.We pride ourselves in developing our staff and helping them reach their career goals.We have a great deal of talent sitting on the bench ready to take the your project to the next level.They each have a staff member that they have been developing to replace them as well.This causes a triple win.The new facility wins by getting a leader that is already up to speed on business model, culture and expectations.The staff member wins, because they are not limited to leaving an organization in order to grow in their career.Finally, the facility that is losing the current staff member is getting a hungry staff member that has been trained by a motivated hungry leader, rather than losing them all of a sudden to a different career field due to know opportunity for growth.