Staff Development & Training

Staff development is key to creating a cohesive, efficient team and desirable corporate work culture. To attract highly motivated individuals in your sports or recreation facility, it’s important to have opportunities for growth, both monetarily and in status. A plan for individual growth should include personal and professional status regarding attributes needed to perform assigned duties, both long and short-term goals, and several paths to achieve those goals. By providing ongoing staff training, sports complex owners and managers can increase employee retention and satisfaction as well as improving team effectiveness. By constantly refreshing staff on the latest trends and best practices, managers also develop higher levels of employee engagement.
Two teams of young boys compete in a soccer game at a sports complex

The SFM Difference

At SFM, our expert team of account executives leads and supports facility staff in regular development planning and skills training.SFM has a corporate team dedicated to culture and growth.It is one of the five measurable we use to move facilities in a positive direction.We believe investing in your staff has a higher return than any other asset the business may have.