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When your community is counting on you, you can count on us. Our firm provides so much more than the best planning and feasibility documents we’re known for – we create the plan to take your project from concept to concrete. SFA is here to help your vision, your community, your desired impact come to life.  We plan sports, recreation, and events centers with financing in mind and we help public and private projects, both large and small, move from concept to concrete. If you are ready to turn your ideas into action – SFA is standing by ready to assist.

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Planning services from SFA lay the foundation for long term success.

Proper planning using thorough research is paramount to the success of sports and recreation facilities. In the vast majority of projects, it’s also required to obtain funding.

Learn More about SFA Planning Services:
• Market Study & Data Review
• Business Planning & Strategy
• Market Opportunity Report
• Feasibility Assessment
• Financial Forecasting
• Economic Impact Report

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SFA funding support services help turn your well-planned project into reality.

SFA is a powerful partner to groups seeking project funding.

For projects deemed feasible and financeable- we support project financing with a variety of programs that include public presentations of our findings, public-private partnership agreements, pre-opening use agreements with local user groups or distant tournament organizations, tenant agreements, introductions to financing sources, direct investments, and other services that expand options and expedite project finance.

Learn More about SFA Funding Services:
• Creation of Funding Deliverables
• Assessment of Financeability
• Presentations & Introductions to Capital Partners
• Public Projects Funding Support

Our research and program planning is highly valued by existing sport and recreation facility operators, parks and recreation departments, and sports tourism destinations. Because outdated operating and budgeting models can undermine access to sport and active lifestyle we view the optimization of existing facilities as a core priority. For existing facilities and for entire communities, we conduct sports inventory analysis, budget and operating reviews, develop strategic plans, and document optimization programs that have consistently led to dramatic improvements in performance, access, and bottom line results.

If you are ready to understand how SFA can help you, we are ready to talk. Pick up the phone, send us an email, we share your passion for community and sport and we look forward to learning more about your vision and needs.

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