pre-opening timeline

Opening a new sports or recreation facility is a challenging, multi-faceted endeavor that requires a high degree of project management. To maximize early-stage results, task must be accomplished sequentially and build towards the grand opening – not only for construction purposes, but for business development purposes as well. Every owner’s goal should be to open with a robust marketing database, a multitude of events booked, and a well-trained staff that will confidently provide an unparalleled guest experience. A Pre-Opening Timeline is a tool developed to achieve those goals and more, while coordinating efforts from FF&E procurement, to sports event booking and staff hiring, to basketball facility league sign-ups. SFM’s tool is a comprehensive, dynamically built tool that adjusts according to your timeline. Tasks and strategies are ordered sequentially with date-driven objectives and check points. When contracted for pre-opening management services, SFM provides detailed monthly progress reports.
Man dribbles basketball on the court at a sports complex

The SFM Difference

Clients choose to engage SFM in pre-opening services because of our extensive experience in successful facility openings. Even seasoned project management professionals cannot leverage the collective expertise of the SFM team of experts. Our team avoids common – and uncommon – pitfalls and mistakes that cost unexpected time and money. Opening a new sports and recreation facility is no time to learn on the job – discover the results when you combine our execution with your direction.