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More than 2,000 communities have chosen SFA to help them take their sports and recreation facilities from concept to concrete. With SFA you don’t just get a document, you get a plan and a partner to make your project real.

We can help you with the biggest hurdle of project development: funding. Through our work on $10 billion in new projects, SFA has established itself as a credible resource to funding sources and to sports projects seeking capital.  Because numerous financing sources rely on SFA-produced market-research and financial forecasts, we have developed trusting and long term relationships with a wide range of investors and financing sources. 

 The plan to get make your project a reality starts here, with us. Call today so we can get you started on the path to an incredible new community asset. (727)474-3845

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Planning is a multi-step process that SFA has developed to be efficient, effective, and enlightening to our clients.

Our process begins with market demographic research to equip our team with a baseline understanding of the key demographics that drive or detract from facility success.

Equipped with this baseline data, we facilitate vision casting and goal setting meetings that produce clear definitions of success for the project and establish measurable outcomes for the future.

On site and on the right track.

Next we study the market – on the ground to review market data, clarify program options, meet with potential partners, identify financing sources, develop construction and start-up costs, study the competition/regional inventory, and then produce the financial forecasts, economic impact studies and feasibility assessments.

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Credible partners, confident leaders.

With SFA at your side, your new sport or new recreation center planning process will be professionally managed, comprehensive, efficient, and will result in construction and start-up cost estimates, site selection criteria, market feasibility study, partnership and financing strategies, and an SFA produced Institutional Grade Financial Forecast.

Parks and recreation and government funded projects often include SFA’s Health and Social Impacts Report which provides research-based data on the community health and social impact benefits of your parks and recreation facility. These studies can take advantage of our relationship with the Johns Hopkins University Center for the Prevention of Obesity.

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Front view of Myrtle Beach Sports Center, a client of Sports Facilities Advisory

For Sports tourism and economic development projects, SFA produces economic impact reports that go alongside our financial forecasts to support funding from hotel bed tax or other tourism based funding sources. These planning processes help clients identify the highest and best use of funds, program and facility types, site selection requirements, funding sources, and overall project feasibility.

Combined, these SFA deliverables lead to properly planned facilities that allow our clients to make well informed decisions that benefit from the partnerships and program innovations we are able to bring to projects.