Ongoing Staff Training

All staff need growth. It is important to keep concepts fresh and in front of your team. Providing ongoing staff training allows staff to stay sharp and to have the latest information in their department.

What is the deliverable?

Constantly refreshing staff to the latest and greatest in their department.

Why is this service important to clients?

If staff are not engaged, they are not only not working for you, they are often working against you. Ongoing staff training keeps staff engaged and provides a platform for constant feedback.

How is this service tailored for private clients?

The pre-opening timeline is tailored to each clients’ specific business plan and goals.  This  timeline instills confidence to the parties funding the project that everything is on schedule and that opportunities are maximized.

The SFM Difference

SFM has a corporate team dedicated to culture and growth. It is one of the five measurables used to move facilities in a positive direction. We believe investing in your staff has a higher return than any other asset the business may have.