Market Opportunity Report

The Market Opportunity Report is a narrative report that serves as an analysis of the market, including a summary of local demographics and socio-economics, sports participation rates, trends and key insights related to the youth and amateur sports industry, an evaluation of existing service providers that may impact the facility, etc. The Market Opportunity Report gives clients an understanding of all market factors that could potentially affect the success of their project. This report often serves as an intermediate step before a decision is made whether or not to proceed with a full financial forecast. For local recreation projects, public clients will receive a report addressing factors similar to that of the private client. For sports tourism projects, public clients will receive a report that is focused on understanding the market opportunity for a municipal sports complex to generate economic impact through sports tourism based on an analysis of existing events taking place in the market, the quality of comparable facilities in the region, and the existing inventory of sports tourism assets within the market. Private clients will receive an 8-14 page report that hones in on the market opportunity of a sports business to capture market share based on proven industry metrics for financial success, national benchmarks, and key performance indicators.
Female catcher plays ball at a sports complex

The SFA Difference

SFA’s fully-custom market opportunity report is not merely an overview of data, but begins the process of identifying the strategic initiatives that must be undertaken in order to move the project forward.