8 Management Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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What is outsourced sports, recreation, or events facility management?

Outsourced sports, recreation, or events facility management is the practice of contracting a qualified operator to manage the day-to-day operations of the facility. This is a growing trend in the world of both sports tourism and local parks and recreation, especially in the public sector. Municipal clients find the benefits include tapping into the SFM National Network of facilities, procurement cost savings, industry marketing expertise, and operational excellence.

Why choose outsourced management?

Results.  Clients make the decision to outsource the management of their sports and recreation facility for a variety of reasons, from the convenience and peace of mind of hiring an experienced operator to the ability to tap into an entire team of industry experts; but the bottom line is always results. Clients who choose to partner with SFM services understand that their results are measurably better with SFM than without.


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Turn-key service tailored for every project.

Though SFM manages a network of facilities, each one is treated with a hands-on fully custom approach using our proven systems, programs, and management expertise which are constantly being refined and perfected with data mined from our portfolio. When a facility joins the SFM network, they have unparalleled access to industry-leading expertise and a track-record of excellence that regularly outperforms industry standards.

There are many misconceptions surrounding outsourced management. Often times these misconceptions create cause for concern and apprehension in prospective clients. To address these concerns, we’ve outline the top 5 management misconceptions and provided the reliable reality below.

Management Misconception #1
“We can’t afford outsourced management”

  • Reality: Between operational efficiencies, risk management, procurement and programmatic expertise, our people and systems outperform industry benchmarks to create a cost-neutral or cost-positive outcome for the client.

Management Misconception #2
“Outsourced management means we failed”

  • Reality: Like an architect is hired for the expertise in design or a general contractor is hired for their expertise in construction, a management firm is hired to apply their industry expertise to your facility. Clients choose to outsource management to create efficiencies, capitalize on industry innovations, and enhance performance.

Management Misconception #3
“We’ll get a cookie-cutter solution from a big firm.”

  • Reality: SFM applies industry best-practices, services, and solutions to each project individually as dictated by the client’s goals for success. Our objective is to always act in the projects best interest on behalf- and accountable to – the facility/complex owner. Because of our successful portfolio, we are able to offer operational and personnel efficiencies tailored to your facility needs that owners or smaller firms cannot.

Management Misconception #4
“All my existing staff will be fired”

  • Reality: As a management company, SFM is skilled and equipped to set performance standards and achievable goals for every level of employee – from the general manager to the life guard or groundskeeper. We use accountability in a positive way to promote a healthy culture and clear path to success, qualities top performers find exciting.

Management Misconception #5:
“SFM is going to overshadow my brand”

  • Reality: SFM’s goal is to promote and support the brand of the client above all else. Clients can choose to feature the SFM brand as much or as little as they like. Because of our favorable reputation with national events rights holders, many clients feel it’s to their advantage to be featured alongside the SFM name.