8 Management Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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Creating and managing a business is a lot of work. It is possible to spend years creating the best systems, the best training documents, forms, policies, and vendor relationships, risk management and emergency response plans, software platforms, KPI’s, and internal audits. We should know – we’ve done it. We have a proven track record for consistently outperforming industry benchmarks for usage, economic impact, and financial performance – which is why we stand behind our work and our contract with 100% accountability.


Staff development is key to creating a cohesive, efficient team and desirable corporate work culture. To attract highly motivated individuals in your sports or recreation facility, it’s important to have opportunities for growth, both monetarily and in status. A plan for individual growth should include personal and professional status regarding attributes needed to perform assigned duties, both long and short-term goals, and several paths to achieve those goals. By providing ongoing staff training, sports complex owners and managers can increase employee retention and satisfaction as well as improving team effectiveness. By constantly refreshing staff on the latest trends and best practices, managers also develop higher levels of employee engagement.


How do you fill a community recreation  or sports center during the challenging daytime hours? How do you weekend classes to maximize time and profit? What program mix will satisfy the needs of the local community? From senior yoga groups to mommy-and-me classes, and youth soccer to tournament baseball, effective program planning is the difference between a thriving sports facility that is the center of a community and one struggling to fill the most basic programs. In some cases, the difference may be a matter of hours… or even minutes of program planning that determine success or failure. Choosing to partner with a highly experienced management firm means clients tap into proven program plans that drive bottom-line results and engage the community.


From crafting the message of the facility as a recreation destination to specific program promotion, facility marketing is a job that never ends. It can be a challenge for even seasoned marketers to keep up with the demands of the facility and the ever-changing marketing landscape. Another frequent challenge is that amateur sports complexes marketing demands are high and budgets are modest. Almost every marketer’s goal is to create a company marketing campaign that can reach astronomical numbers in a positive way, but breaking the county line is the first step. Our SFM Marketing Department leads business development staff marketing strategic planning, campaign execution, relationship building, media outreach, and sponsorship attraction. Using proven methods, emerging trends, and with a focus on data, our SFM team of marketers prepares and coaches each of our venues to drive the desired financial outcomes.


The function of human resources requires dedicated time and resources to ensuring that all legal and social requirements are met in the sports facility. Similar to hiring a legal expert, the expense of hiring a single well-qualified HR director can be a heavy burden for a recreation center or sports facility. At SFM, our headquarter HR team oversees the analysis, maintenance, and communication of records required by law or local governing bodies, or other departments in the organization. SFM HR identifies legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting human resources functions and ensures policies, procedures, and reporting are in compliance. We also study legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts to assess industry trends.


Every business requires some level of finance support – from administrative book keeping to high level controller guidance – or somewhere in between. Most community recreation and sports centers cannot afford to staff a full time accountant and instead burden their general manager with this task. When outsourcing sports center management to SFM, clients are given monthly budget versus actual reporting, key financial tracking & reporting, sales forecasts, and more with complete transparency.


When it comes to opening and managing a sports and recreation center, learning on the job can lead to costly mistakes, project delays, and facility mis-management. Many owners and communities choose outsourced management to help avoid these common pitfalls. The SFM team is the best in the industry. Our company leaders hail from top brands in community recreation, hospitality, entertainment, and facility operations. Utilizing our team’s experience managing excellent sports and recreation complexes and our varied portfolio, we employ best practices in every area of facility management from human resources, to finance, to marketing, and program planning. Using industry benchmarks and competitive analysis, our team is constantly assessing the performance of the facility and leading the venue to success.

The SFM Difference

At SFM, our expert team of account executives leads and supports facility staff in regular development planning and skills training.SFM has a corporate team dedicated to culture and growth.It is one of the five measurable we use to move facilities in a positive direction.We believe investing in your staff has a higher return than any other asset the business may have.