Recreation Facility Financing Beginner's Guide

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Funding Support Services

SFA’s Funding Support Services have been integral to the successful financing of numerous facilities around the world. Early in our engagements, we strategize use of space, program plans, site selection, and identify synergies and strategic-partnerships to reduce risk and to produce projects that aggregate value for stakeholders, financing sources, and user groups. This process allows us to remain focused on our client’s long-term objectives while we consider a broad range of approaches, operating models, facility types, financing sources, and user-groups. 

The first step to learning more or engaging SFA’s funding support services is to give us a call and start the conversation of how we can help. (727) 474-3845.

Get Started
  • Funding Strategy & Source Identification
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financing Presentation Materials
  • Development of Key Strategic Alliances
  • Development of Public Private and other Strategic Partnerships
  • Sponsorship, Tenant, Use Agreements That Support Pre-Finance Project Viability
  • Introductions to Financing Sources
  • General Consulting and Presentations
  • Equity investments in proven concepts 
Development Funding Pie Chart

SFA’s Funding Support Services are highly tailored to each project.

With your SFA team at your side your project financing phase will include expert reactions to questions about the development timeline, program plan, construction and start-up costs, financial forecast, and operating plan. SFA’s Funding Support Services often include introductions to funding sources, presentation materials, and other support intended to provide everything necessary to attract financing support. SFA has extensive experience in structuring partnerships, which can include public-private-partnerships, user group agreements, letters of intent for use, lease agreements, marketing support, and other steps to securing project forecasts with agreements.

The financing strategy for each project is unique. Your definition of success, the types of funding that your program plan and organization qualify for, the size of the capital requirement, and other factors will influence the strategy and terms. If you are planning a new facility, we suggest meeting with an SFA Advisor as early as possible to gain access to our proven finance strategy and support services.  

It all starts with a plan.

Every SFA Financing Support Package begins with a strategy and planning session. This is a 3 to 4 hour planning session with pre and post-session assignments. Next, SFA will produce a timeline and schedule for the production and delivery of the critical documents and presentation materials, as well as consult and support throughout the funding procurement process. 

SFA | SFM Provide Strategic Planning Services
Development Funding Meeting

Creating action together.

Together we move into a series of action steps including weekly or bi-monthly calls and investor presentations as we raise the necessary capital. SFA will often involve an investment bank in this process to bring additional expertise and industry contacts.