Feasibility Report

The Feasibility Report provides clients with an easily digestible analysis of project. The report includes details related to market and demographic characteristics, potential sports participants, existing service providers, an overview of the facility and opinion of cost, financial picture, and recommendations for project development.

The Feasibility Report is the most frequently used document by clients seeking the support of outside funding sources. The report is detailed, yet brief enough to give investors or financiers a complete picture of SFA’s analysis for the project.

Public clients will receive a report that is focused on understanding the total feasibility for a municipal sports complex to improve local recreation options and/or generate economic impact through sports tourism while also focusing on cost-containment strategies to reduce the long-term impacts of increased debt payments and ongoing operational subsidy on the municipality’s budget.

Private clients will receive a report that hones in on the total feasibility of a specific sports business based on proven industry metrics for financial success, national benchmarks, and key performance indicators.

two teams of boy compete in a soccer game at a sports complex

The SFA Difference

SFA’s feasibility report is tailored to be read by the highest level sources of investment and financing. Each report is based on industry-leading data and SFA’s vast experience determining the feasibility of youth and amateur sports, recreation, wellness, and entertainment facilities. SFA’s feasibility reports are relied upon by some of the largest and most prominent funding sources in the world.