MARKET STUDY & Data Review

The First step in every SFA project is a no-cost consultation where we will learn more about your vision, goals, and background. 

Following this call, if we believe we can make a significant difference in your project we will prepare a proposal to formalize the research, strategic planning, program planning, feasibility, and financial modeling phases that are the foundations to decision-making and financing for every new sport or recreation project.

SFA’s preliminary market study and data review includes a review of your existing plans combined with an analysis of Market Data using SFA’s Market Study Factors.  This includes a review of numerous factors including regional competition, the regional demographics, sports participation rates, local pricing, and other factors that contribute to project feasibility and project financing.  We utilize this analysis and the review of your concepts and comments to begin to form early strategy recommendations, to identify potential hurtles to financing or operational performance, and to identify alternative program options that may need to be added or adjusted to improve the likelihood of long term success.   Our goal at this stage is to acquire knowledge and insight.

person secures a slackline on the grounds of a sports facilities advisory sports complex

The SFA Difference

Because of SFA’s extensive and varied portfolio, strategic relationships, operational experience, and real-word operations managed by our sister company SFM, we have unprecedented access to industry leading data and a wealth of operational experience. This unmatched access to data allows for a more comprehensive understanding of opportunities and challenges with which to analyze clients’ data.