Economic Impact Report

Beyond the building or complex, sports impact communities in big ways.

The impact of youth and amateur sports is often much greater than the impact on people in the building and the financial performance of the facility itself — the impact on spending in the community is often a powerful message to show the impact of the facility on people who will not be direct users. For private clients, economic impact can become the foundation for creating a public/private partnership. For public clients, economic impact can become the foundation for generating support from locals who need to back the project in order for it to move forward. Using a proprietary analytical process, SFA’s economic impact report translates the projections from the pro forma into non-local days in market, the number of room nights generated, the average daily expenditure of non-local visitors through purchases for lodging, dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and associated expenses. We focus on the direct economic impact generated through spending by non-local attendees who would not be in the market but for the events/programs offered at the facility being analyzed. Direct spending projections can also be translated into tax revenue generation projections.
Two basketball teams compete in a sports complex run by sports facilities advisory

The SFA Difference

SFA’s economic impact analysis is considered the most reliable, credible impact in the industry. While many economic impact analyses result in overstated projections that actually detract from the message, SFA’s process is detailed, conservative, and proven, resulting in projections that are consistently either met or exceeded in comparisons of original projections versus operational performance after development.