Today’s financing sources require independent feasibility studies for most privately funded venues. Clients select Sports Facilities Advisory because our financial forecasting models, market research, and proven track record result in reliable feasibility analysis. Equally important is the fact that our process is designed to solve problems and uncover revenue-generating opportunities wherever possible. During the SFA feasibility process, clients develop a deeper understanding of the sports facilities business and improve upon their original concepts. Lending and financial institutions of nearly every type rely on SFA feasibility studies as the industry standard. This is due to our conservative approach, the extraordinary detail of our financial documents, and because we have unparalleled access to current operations data. This allows SFA to continually update our business facility planning and financial forecasting models based on actual market conditions. Over the years, we have developed the process for SFA’s feasibility studies to be exciting and educational. Using our proprietary models we help our clients remain true to their primary goals as we simultaneously assist them in identifying new strategies and programs to maximize returns.
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The SFA process is launched with our pre-work and research. We then meet to facilitate a strategy and program planning session. This powerful series of discussions allows us to work closely with you to develop a business model and plan that’s based on your mission and business objectives, “right-sized” to your market, and designed to increase your likelihood of success during financing. Following your session we will conduct the necessary research, define preliminary construction and start-up costs, analyze and document cash flow, and evaluate the opportunity in your marketplace. In most cases, this process requires 7-12 weeks from our initial planning session. Our clients find this energizing and educational, and they tell us that the process opens their eyes to opportunities and realities they hadn’t previously considered.
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