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Many clients come to us with an early stage concept or vision that is refined during our formal facility planning process. In some cases the major sport or recreation offerings are clear, while other variables such as the facility financing plan, exact site location, and construction and start-up costs all require work to turn a concept into a meaningful, financeable, plan for a sports facility.

The Sports Facilities Advisory facility planning process utilizes many different aspects, including our proven strategy models, market research, benchmarking against other existing facilities, and the individual goals of our client. This sport facility planning process often results in the identification of new revenue opportunities. This is achieved through special events, entertainment, corporate events, summer camps and other programs that improve ROI while also reducing risk.

During the facility planning phase, the initial facility program requirements are also reviewed and developed into detailed construction and start-up cost estimates. This allows our clients to understand how the sport complex or recreation center design impacts costs.

With cost estimates in place, we often begin the funding strategy during our initial facility planning process. This includes a review of the options for public private partnerships, debt financing options, private equity options, and a review of the real estate investment as well as the operating company investment. This phase of work often improves the likelihood that a project will achieve feasibility. That’s because during the facility planning phase, we scale the development project to the market demands and financing strategy, and we identify key business segments that can be analyzed to improve profitability.

Our facility planning process is a proven process that both engages and educates our clients, and provides a solid foundation for any project.

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