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Recreation Facility Financing Beginner’s Guide



Sports Facilities Advisory provides critical facility planning, development funding documents and support services to move family entertainment center projects through to fully financed. Financing a sports complex, recreation center, or event/entertainment facility is often a complicated endeavor. But Sports Facilities Advisory can help streamline the process to get your new sports facility or sports complex off the ground.

Today’s lending climate and investment communities seek safe and credible projects led by proven teams, financial projections based on current day operations, and a combination of credit-worthy tenant or use agreements and pre-opening use agreements. When feasible, public contribution in the form of property tax abatement, infrastructure, or cash contribution is also a powerful tool during the financing phase. SFA is experienced in establishing public private partnerships and in securing the necessary components for successful financing and development funding for any sports facility project.

Our development funding presentation services include the development of the documents and the analysis needed for funding new projects and expansions. Our services also include the presence of an experienced SFA advisor to present your project to funding sources. With SFA on your team, your project can be presented as another successful sports complex, sports facility, recreation center or adventure sports complex that will employ approaches in proven management, marketing, financial tracking, and sponsorship sales. This access to SFA and SFM’s (Sports Facilities Management) experience reduces risks for investors and provides our clients with the necessary peace of mind to keep moving forward with their projects.

Sports Facilities Advisory is a valuable resource for serious and committed entrepreneurs and institutions attempting to evaluate investment/risk/lending for these types of projects. We are engaged to produce development funding documents, support clients, and provide advice and perspective. While we occasionally choose to invest in projects, more than 98% of our relationships with clients are paid for through a fee schedule that is designed based on our role.

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we are eager to help you with the development of your project – whether it be a sports complex, recreation center, adventure sports facility or family entertainment center. Contact SFA today to learn more about our funding services and to schedule a meeting with our team.

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