With the primary goal of serving the needs of a community and fulfilling their strategic objectives, a community recreation center often encompasses educational, senior, day care, and other social programs. These important community assets are also major investments requiring increasingly sophisticated management approaches. Sports Facilities Management (SFM) assists communities through a one-of-a-kind sports facility management solution that is transforming the way communities approach operations for new and existing facilities. Our recreation center management services include leadership, personnel, marketing direction, new programming, and transparent financial reporting. What makes our approach attractive to community leaders is that we collaborate with our clients to either assume management responsibility or to support and coach existing staff. We offer two levels of community recreation center management services: 1) Full-time, day-to day management where we assume the responsibility of the daily operations.     2) Management Consulting   Recreation center optimization services are available to communities seeking to enhance revenue and improve cost containment, as well as those seeking to bolster economic impact through sports tourism and community events.
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SFA’s optimization plans begin as we define success with senior leadership. We then complete a comprehensive Market Opportunities Study which includes a review of facilities, staff, operation, budget, and demographics. It is critical to our success that the recreation center staff experiences this as a positive step forward, and are engaged and involved wherever possible. This process uses SFA’s proprietary models to identify short- and long-term opportunities and is used to motivate and inspire staff. The key findings of the Market Opportunities Study are then combined with SFA’s financial forecasting models to produce the recreation center’s Optimization Plan. SFA Optimization Plans allow clients to take advantage of short- and long-term opportunities and often help communities find solutions to challenges that have previously seemed complex. SFA is sensitive to the concerns that may accompany Optimization Planning. Our advisors are compassionate and solution-focused, providing staff with the trust needed for these initiatives to produce lasting improvements within a recreation center.
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