Community recreation centers are multi-faceted developments which can be utilized to support critical community needs. As such, these centers are often responsible for supporting seniors, families, civic organizations, parks and recreation, and numerous other stakeholder groups. The modern community recreation center must also benefit from technology, energy efficient design, and innovations in programming which can be implemented to attract more users and to improve bottom-line results. Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management provide operational and budget reviews for existing centers, community-wide needs assessments, market studies, feasibility analysis, and long-term program and master planning. For new sports facility developments, our community recreation center feasibility study process involves key stakeholder interviews, online community surveys, site and market studies, and program planning to assist our clients in meeting current and long-term community needs. Our deliverable in the facility planning stage is typically a research-based and detailed 10-year cash flow forecast, construction and start-up cost estimates, program plans, and other resources which are utilized by government officials in the funding, opening, staffing, and operations phases. SFM also manages a wide range of community-based assets and our work in this area has grown extensively over the last decade. Increasingly, communities seek SFM as an outsourced management service to oversee a wide range of community recreation centers.
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