Faith based organizations that are considering new developments such as sports facilities, recreation centers or adventure sports complexes must carefully evaluate a number of important things. These things include risks, program type, facility construction and startup costs, operational expense, and future opportunities for community engagement. Sports Facilities Advisory provides the necessary feasibility studies to thoroughly evaluate each of those things and provide a clear roadmap to the successful integration of each.

Our feasibility studies for faith based organizations provides the market research, strategic planning, program planning, and detailed financial forecasts that allow decision makers and faith communities to make informed decisions. These important documents are often the foundational resource for capital campaigns and the process can be utilized to generate enthusiasm and commitment. This feasibility study process can also reveal risks and provide direction to decisions related to sports facility management.

SFA feasibility studies are a complete and comprehensive analysis completed to provide a conservative assessment of opportunities, risk, reward, and organizational structure requirements for any kind of sports complex, recreation center, adventure sports complex or other family entertainment center run by a faith based organization. Feasibility is assessed based on each of our client’s specific objectives. Studies typically require 4 to 12 weeks to complete from the date of our first meeting.

We would love to give you more information about our process for feasibility studies or answer any additional questions you may have concerning your sports facility project concept. Contact ustoday to take advantage of our extensive knowledge in organized feasibility studies.

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Sports Facilities Advisory is specially equipped to provide services to the faith community because of our deep personal connections to the interaction between sports and faith. We truly believe that we have been led to develop sports facilities that positively impact communities and develop character. We have a special passion for faith based projects and we are looking forward to helping you reach your community with meaningful and life-changing sports and faith interactions. Contact us today to turn your project concept into reality.

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The SFA and SFM team is here to help! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.