Service Procurement C2C Phase: Project Development A critical component during the development and construction of a new sports tourism, community recreation, or active entertainment facility is the procurement of specialty surfaces, furnishings, fixtures, and athletic equipment (FF&E) as well as operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). SFD leads our clients through FFE/OSE procurement in a process […]

Venue Planning

Service Venue Planning C2C Phase: Project Development SFD’s Venue Planning results in a superior facility that is designed to meet the sports/recreation-specific programming models, is operationally efficient, and is within budget. This service pairs our program-driven design approach with operational expertise working in collaboration with a project’s A/E/C firm. Who better to provide insight and […]

Owner’s Representation

Service Owner’s Representation C2C Phase: Project Development As the owner’s representative, the SFD team becomes an extension of the facility owner or municipality’s staff. Our qualified team provides our clients with not only a direct line into how the project is developing, but guidance, project management, and operating perspective along the way. As your project […]