Business Development Planning & Strategy Session (BDPS)

An SFA Business Development Planning & Strategy Session (BDPS) is an in-depth discussion of your vision for the project.

Our goal at this stage is to identify a strategy for project financing, strategic partnerships, operational success, and to address any major obstacles that might undermine the feasibility of your vision.

 Facilitated by experienced Sports Facility Finance and Strategy Advisors, this session takes place in your market or in our Florida based offices.  This session will be designed following our review of pre-work, market study data, and a review of any current documents and plans.  The outcome of this session is a clearly defined set of objectives for the vision, value proposition, differentiators, strategic partners, and programming of your new facility concept.  If your program plan is fully developed and you are seeking financing support, this session will be primarily focused on financing options, strategic partnerships that can enhance pre-opening valuation and reduce risk.  This stage often includes interviews with multiple stake-holders including regional organizations, user groups, and prospective strategic partners.   In many cases the BDPS leads to the development of an improved program-plan (this is the facility elements including playing surfaces, restrooms, food concessions, and other areas with square footage requirements for each), construction and start-up costs, land requirements, and other facility elements.   This provides the total project development cost range and results in the foundations of the feasibility and financing documents.

The BDPS allows clients to share their vision for their project in full. With thoughtful, probing questions, SFA is able to assist clients in expounding on aspects of their project that they may not have thought of beforehand. SFA takes information gathered from this session and uses it as a guide to create the strategies which will be critical to creating a path forward.

The BDPS is often an on-site client experience, though the service can also be done remotely. The information discovered and resolved in the BDPS session is reflected in the financial forecast and integrated into future deliverables, including market opportunity reports, feasibility reports/studies, investor information packets, etc.

The BDPS is customized to ask the questions and generate discussion around the definitions of success for every client. In most public scenarios, definitions of success revolve around   community impact: economic, social, educational, health, access and in most private scenarios, definitions of success revolve around direct or indirect return on investment.

girl catches a grounder at a softball game at a sports complex

The SFA Difference

SFA’s unique BDPS process results in a deep understanding of the client’s goals, and SFA’s breadth of experience allows for the development of a strategic plan that best meets the client’s definitions of success which creates the most likely path forward for the project.