9 Steps for Sports Tourism or Community Recreation Center Development

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The 9-Step process for taking your sports or community recreation center idea from vision to reality. Standing between your vision and the reality of a community-defining facility is a plan that encompasses every part of facility development. Here’s the nine-step framework that has guided some of the most celebrated facilities from concept to concrete to […]

3 Keys for Creating and Executing Local Programs for Recreation Centers

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Guest post written by Gregg Wisecarver, Account Executive, The SF Companies.  When it comes to sports and recreation programs, there are so many options within our communities. How can your recreation center’s programming push pass a forest of heavily marketed gyms to enter the hearts and minds of consumers? It’s all about narrowing your focus. […]

Membership Retention Strategies for Recreation Centers

Membership retention

Guest post written by Jen Silvers, Account Executive, The SF Companies.  When you hear the words “membership retention” the first thought that comes to mind is that it costs less to keep a member than it does to get a new one. But how much effort are you really putting into retention vs. getting new […]

7 Steps for Building a Baseball Facility

How to Build a Baseball Facility

What can a baseball facility do for your community? A baseball complex can improve a community in a variety of ways. First, a baseball complex can act as a community gathering place and provide recreational opportunities for local leagues and organizations. A baseball complex can also be a driver of direct spending, economic impact and […]

Right Sizing Sports Facility Construction Costs

Across the United States, youth sports facilities are being erected at a break neck pace. Cities and towns everywhere are looking to capitalize on a $15 billion industry and all the opportunities for driving physical, social, economic outcomes that it can bring. If your community is considering a sports tourism destination industry, it’s important to […]

How to Secure Development Funding for a New Sports Complex


Your roadmap to obtaining development funding for a sports complex project. The ribbon cutting for a new sports complex represents a momentous occasion for any community. It also underscores an important story about how venues come to life. All sports complex development projects involve a tremendous investment of time, effort and energy to secure the […]

The Wonderful World of Youth Baseball Dimensions


It’s a pivotal moment in the game, a match up that will make or break this evening’s contest. A young pitcher, 12 years old to be exact, takes the sign and winds up for the pitch. The batter stands 50 feet away, waiting to send the pitch over the centerfield fence is up to 335 […]

How to Create a Successful Community Recreation Center

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When you think about a successful community recreation center, what does it look like? When you walk down the halls, what activities are taking place? Who’s there? How large is the facility? These questions help you frame what you would consider as success for the recreation center in your town. Asking yourself these questions is […]

How Recreation Centers Generate Revenue and How You Can Do the Same

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Imagine a world without recreation centers. While you may not be overly concerned at the prospect, the stats may change your mind. Community recreation centers and parks have been drivers of positive outcomes in our nation’s cities for over a century. They are currently serving as support for eLearning families with programs that allow students […]

Protect Yourself: Risk Management Tips for Sports Complexes

Providing a venue for athletes and guests comes with risk. Slip and falls and other incidents are an unfortunate and inevitable part of bringing people together and while it’s not always pleasant to think about, protecting your venue and team members is an essential part of being a facility operator.  At the Sports Facilities Companies, […]

The 9-Step Guide to Community Recreation Center Planning Part 1

Every city has its issues. Increasing crime rates, expanding waistlines, a shrinking sense of community- the list can go on and on, from poverty among our citizens to a burgeoning environmental crisis. And while there’s no one cure for all that ails us, there are organizations that have continually been successful at chipping away at […]