Dev Pathik
Founder & CEO, SFA | Co-Founder, SFM
Jason Clement
CEO & Co-Founder, SFM
Eric Sullivan
Partner & EVP of Business Development
Evan Eleff
Executive Vice President & Partner
John McDonald
Regional Director, SFM
Karla Spivey
Human Resource Manager
Bruce Rector
Advisor and General Counsel
Ashley Whittaker
Marketing Director
Tricia Fernans
Senior Accountant
Andy Ballard
Vice President, SFM
Steven Sorrells
Senior Accountant
Steve Goris
Vice President, SFM
Jack Adams
Vice President, SFM
Sarah Kauffman
Project Manager
Sylvia Bierchen
Staff Accountant
Sean Hampsey
Sales Manager
Kelly Baine
Executive Assistant
Dan Morton
Project Manager and Business/Financials Analyst
Elyse Goodhue
Marketing & Communications Project Manager
Jared Carnes
Project Manager/Business Analyst I
Justine Schrader
Administrative Coordinator
Julie Bierchen
Administrative Assistant & Market Research Specialist
Tristan Makaroff
Graphic Design Specialist
Lori Moore
General Manager
Mark Beale
Marketing & Advertising
Sophia Becker
Strategy & Management
Steve Eaton
Strategy & Management