Dev Pathik
Founder & CEO, SFA | Co-Founder, SFM
Jason Clement
CEO & Co-Founder, SFM
Eric Sullivan
Evan Eleff
COO & Partner
Toney Vicars
Ashley Whittaker
Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
Dave Pritchett
Jack Adams
Vice President, SFM
Jake Whittaker
Vice President, Venue Planning
Lori Moore
Account Executive, SFM
John Sparks
Account Executive, SFM
Gregg Wisecarver
Account Executive, SFM
Jessica Kuhl
Account Executive
Justin Roach
National Director - Events & Entertainment
Kelly Baine
Executive Assistant
Johnny Crosskey
SEO & Content Specialist
Mike Mays
Project Manager, SFM
Tami Swanson
Human Resources Manager
Bruce Rector
Advisor and General Counsel
Gary Smallshaw
Strategic Advisor
Jared Carnes
Project Manager/Business Analyst I
Richard Stiftinger
Project Coordinator
Dan Morton
Strategic Advisor
Jeffrey Herman
Senior Accountant
Trista Tori
Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Sylvia Bierchen
Staff Accountant
Gene Baker
Regional Finance Manager
Justine Nicholson
Business Development Manager
Theresa Maturo
HR Administrative Assistant
Laura Kiesbye
Regional Finance Manager
Tracy Mastrangelo
Marketing Project Manager
Tristan Makaroff
Graphic Design Specialist
Ariel Gibbs
Marketing Project Coordinator
Gabby Fresh
Business Development Administrative Assistant
Dylan Lowdermilk
Project Coordinator, SFM
Erin McLean
Receptionist | Administrative Assistant