How to Manage Data for a Recreation Facility

Color coded folders.

Data Management for Recreation Facilities Data management can be a daunting part of operating any large business, whether a recreation facility, sports complex, or any other situation where significant information needs to be kept on file. Data about clients, customers, and employees all needs to be stored depending on the business, and it needs to […]

HVAC System Options for Sports and Recreation Facilities

Large HVAC system.

HVAC Options for Recreation Facilities Once you start getting into the details of planning a recreation facility, you may start to realize just how many of those details there are. Things that you would normally take for granted suddenly became vital parts of a project. This means you need to be armed with information. HVAC […]

How a Community Health Assessment Can Help Your Sports Complex

Checklist with red pen.

Community Health Assessment Improving a Sports Complex If you are finding your sports complex stagnating or your memberships dwindling, it may be time to introduce new activities, amenities, or even change your focus or branding. An effective way to find out what is worth adding or developing is by a community health assessment. What is […]

Design Considerations for Olympic & Recreational Swimming Pools

Water surface in a swimming pool.

Olympic and Recreational Swimming Pool Design Is it worth having an Olympic swimming pool in addition to a recreational pool at your sports complex? It depends on a variety of different factors. Design, cost, market demand, location, and many other considerations will need to be taken into account before you make this expensive decision. Sports […]

Sports Facilities Management Outlines the Impact of Volunteers at Sporting Events

Volunteer t-shirt.

Volunteers and the Impact They Have on Sporting Events Finding the right staff for a sports facility can be a challenge. Finding staff for a one-off or limited event can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, including opening up event staffing to volunteers. How does this work? And how can using […]

Designing a Sports Complex That’s Ready for Severe Weather

Dark clouds and severe weather.

Sports Complex Design for Severe Weather Putting together plans for a sports complex is a lot of work, and it can be easy to miss minor details without the guidance of a professional group like SFA. Something that is often overlooked is how the structure and function of a sports complex can be affected by […]

How a Mobile App Can Benefit Your Recreation Facility

Smartphone fitness app.

Mobile App Design for Recreation Facilities Connectivity and interactivity are essential to a modern recreation facility. If you have neglected to adapt to a modern, smartphone-centric society, you are also likely missing out on a significant demographic. As a leader in facility management and leadership, Sports Facilities Management can offer some professional guidance on how […]

Factors to Consider When Your Recreational Facility Uses Natural Grass Fields

Natural grass field close-up.

What to Know About Natural Grass Fields in Recreational Facilities If you are in the process of planning a new recreational facility, there are a lot of decisions ahead of you. One of the decisions that can prove surprisingly difficult is whether to use artificial turf or natural grass. In this blog, Sports Facilities Advisory […]

How to Host a Fundraiser

Working at a Fundraiser

Setting Up a Fundraiser As a recreation center, it’s important to be involved in your community events and interests. By having a good relationship with local organizations, you will create a positive image and brand voice. One way to get involved is hosting fundraisers at your recreation center. Not only do you get involved with […]

Diversify Your Attractions with Multi-Purpose Sports Facilities

Multiple sport stars in arena

With more athletes taking part in multiple sports seasons, facilities that can address more than one need are more important than ever. Designing your sports facility with dimensions and marking that can accommodate a variety of sports allows your facility to host more games, all year-round. Today, Sports Facilities Advisory will discuss some design choices […]

Choosing FF&E for a Climbing Gym

People at Climbing Gym

FF&E for Climbing Gyms Climbing gyms have some of the most unique FF&E requirements out there. When building a climbing gym, there are necessary FF&E components you need to consider. Today on the Sports Facilities Management blog we’ll discuss what you’ll need. Climbing Walls Obviously, the most important thing you’ll need for your climbing gym […]

Designing a Community BMX Sports Facility

BMX Riders racing over dirt track

All over the world, BMX tracks, bike parks and ‘pump tracks’ are popping up as a community gathering spot for kids and adults alike. With numerous types of biking attraction available, entrepreneurs often struggle to find the right implementations when designing a successful BMX-focused facility. As the leader in sports facility design, SFA has extensive […]