Four Fall-Kick Off Events for Your Community Center

Child painting a pumpkin

Here Are Four Fall-Kick Off Events for Your Community Center With fall fast approaching, it will soon be time for your community center to launch your slate of fall programs and events. For some facilities, it can be difficult to adjust from summer to autumn, especially if a majority of your facility’s revenue comes from […]

What’s in a (Sports Facility) Name?

5 Key Considerations to Sports Facility Names Perhaps the day has come that your facility is financed and construction is underway, or you’re still in the planning process and want brand development to help bolster your financing presentations. In either case, it may be time to start the naming process for your new sports, recreation, […]

Different Types of Turf for Your Sports Complex

Multiple artificial turfs

Different Turfs and Their Benefits for Your Sports Complex Long gone are the days when regular grass was the only option you had for a sports complex playing surface. With the invention of artificial turf, many sports complex owners opted for artificial turf for their playing surfaces. As the market expanded, more manufacturers and R&D […]

The Equipment You Need to Maintain Baseball Sports Facilities

Person mowing baseball field

The Most Important Equipment for Maintaining Baseball Sports Facilities If you are planning to open a sports facility that is focused on baseball or softball fields, there are a few maintenance items you should plan to purchase before you open. Maintaining a field does not have to be a full-time job as long as you […]

Keeping Football Players Safe At Your Sports Complex

Young ball carrier avoiding a tackle

Keeping The Players Safe At Your Sports Complex There are few subjects in sports that are talked about more than player safety in football. As our knowledge on concussions and the dangers of related injuries and conditions has developed, the sport has scrambled to make itself safer and more enjoyable for football players. While much […]

Top 3 Mistakes That Hurt a New Sports Complex

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Three Mistakes a New Complex Should Avoid Opening a new sports complex or recreational facility is a challenging, multi-faceted endeavor that requires experienced project management. All too often, investment groups make a few common mistakes that can seriously hurt their project’s viability. To avoid these mistakes, consider partnering with an industry-leading management team such as […]

What is Sports Tourism?

Skydiving in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Explaining Sports Tourism with SFM Sports tourism is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years. If you are simply looking for a definition, sports tourism is traveling in order to observe or participate in a sporting event. Generally, the sporting event has to be the primary reason for travel in […]

Facility Planning Tips For Complexes With A Small Budget

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Facility Planning Tips For Small Budget Complexes Facility planning and development is a difficult venture with a lot of moving parts even when you don’t consider the financial side of things. Budgeting is one of the most important factors of facility planning, whether determining what kind of amenities and equipment you can afford or simply […]

3 Ways To Maximize Your Pro Forma Investment

Pro Forma By now, you’ve taken one of the first major step towards creating your new sports, recreation, events, or wellness center by investing in your feasibility assessment and pro forma. Your pro forma is a highly detailed, 5-year financial forecast of your prospective business. It is key to assessing the feasibility of your future […]

SFM: Annual Strategic Planning 101

Business colleague discussing strategic planning

Annual Strategic Planning with Sports Facility Management Annual strategic planning is an essential part of running any successful business. Businesses who are cognizant of their organizational goals are better able to set priorities, focus energy, and work together to execute their strategies. Today, Sports Facilities Management will discuss what strategic planning encompasses, how to create […]

Four Reasons Why A Multi-Purpose Center Can Be Successful In Your Community

Group of construction workers

Why A Multi-Purpose Center Can Be Successful In Your Community If your community is looking at developing and building a community center, the facility planning process will be a crucial aspect. Determining what your demographics are and what the feasibility of your project is are important factors in the process. However, arguably the most important […]

Recruitment Tactics for a Sports Complex

Recruitment interview

Staff Recruitment for a Sports Complex Staff recruitment is an underrated aspect of business success. The vast majority of sports complex startups treat recruiting as something that they’ll figure out as they go. Going into the process with a plan and practices already set in place will help to ensure you find the right candidates […]