Future Tech Coming to Sports Facilities Near You

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Look for these Future Tech Features at Sports Facilities Soon The truth is that owners of sports facilities across the world are required to be more technologically nimble than they ever have been in the past. With more people than ever using tech in their day-to-day lives, it is no longer acceptable to ignore tech […]

Sports Complex Design For A Mini-Golf Course

Mini-golf course

Sports Complex Design Tips For A Mini-Golf Course There are few attractions that are more common and classic than a mini-golf course. Whether you are looking for something to do with your kids on a Saturday afternoon or need a great first date idea, mini-golfing is always a good option. And while it might seem […]

Three Ways A Feasibility Study Will Save You Money

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Three Ways A Feasibility Study Can Save You Money When first getting into the facility planning process, some developers might not know the importance of a feasibility study. Despite how common these studies are, some developers still might not be convinced of their importance. Today, Sports Facilities Advisory wants to spend some time looking at […]

Playsight: The Newest Video Analysis Software for Your Sports Complex

Coach using tablet on basketball court

Playsight: Video Analysis Software to Install at Your Sports Complex As technology continues to improve and develop, we are starting to see ways that new tech can improve things we could not have imagined ten years ago. One particular service has been making major waves in the sports complex market — Playsight. Playsight is an […]

Strange But Interesting Activities Your Recreation Center Can Host

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Strange But Interesting Activities to Host at Your Recreation Center Just because you are starting a sports facility does not mean that you have to host basketball, football, or baseball. Lots of recreation centers and sports facilities host some unique activities you probably wouldn’t think of at first. Finding a particular niche that attracts a […]

How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For Your Community Center

How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For A Community Center While it might seem like a dirty term for community centers that are built to serve their community, generating revenue is still the name of the game. The purpose of a community center is to serve the community, but without the proper revenue streams, that […]

The 1,000 Point Sports Facility Checklist

The Sports Facility Checklist The development phase which occurs after your project is funded, but prior to the grand opening, is a hectic time for every new facility owner. At any given moment, there are decisions to be made about paint colors, construction delays, last-minute design changes, and budget concerns. Our team at SFM has […]

How to Pick Your Recreation Center Color Scheme

Color schemes and materials

How to Choose the Ideal Recreation Center Color Scheme When determining what color scheme to choose for your recreation center, it is important to assess what kind of ambiance you want in your center. Color plays such a critical role in our energy levels and mood that NFL teams have taken to painting their visiting […]

How Long Should You Keep Your Community Center Pool Open?

Children swimming in a local pool

How Long Should Your Community Center Pool Stay Open? If you have a swimming pool at your community center, the toughest decision of the year likely comes every fall when you have to close the pool for the winter. If you have an indoor pool or your community center is in a warm weather climate, […]

Sports Facilities Management's Top Channel Partners

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Top Channel Partners of Sports Facilities Management Partnering with Sports Facilities Management provides you with access to more than our expert team. Our partnership with best-in-class products and service companies provide your facility with an incredible amount of value. Learn about our Channel Partners and what kind of excellence they can offer your facilities. Sports […]

3 Pre-Opening Mistakes to Avoid: Sports Facilities

3 Pre-Opening Mistakes to Avoid The time between successful project funding and your grand opening celebration is what we call “pre-opening.”This is the period of time when the construction of the physical structure of the development takes place. During this time, your business – the operation itself – also needs to take form. Here are […]

Improving the Security of Sports Facilities

Security camera in building

How to Improve the Security of Sports Facilities The safety and security of guests should be a top priority for any sports facility. The ways and means of protecting fitness facilities are constantly changing thanks to technological advances and risk management methods. Keep up with the latest in sports facility safety and security as we […]