Your Feasibility Results – Interpreting Your Outcome

Feasibility Reports The team at SFA assists more than 100 communities each year in the planning and financing of their new sports, recreation, events, and wellness facilities. From the get-go, many clients or community stakeholders are curious about the outcome and what it means for their future. At SFA, we have 3 categories of feasibility […]

Sports Facility Owner’s Manual

3 Keys to Getting Sports & Recreation Done Right Whether you’re a community leader, public servant, private developer or anyone in between, here are three keys to getting sports and recreation done right in your community. 1. Create the Destination It doesn’t matter if you have a $40 million sports tourism complex or a $10 […]

Creating a Rowing Themed Sports Complex

Rowing team practicing

Developing a Sports Complex Dedicated to Rowing For many sports complexes, their business model is focused on finding a niche instead of appealing to the largest group of potential visitors. Choosing the sport for your particular facility is one of the most important ways to do this. While a basketball sports complex will likely face […]

Can You Install An Indoor Playground At Your Community Center?

Indoor ball pit and slide

Should An Indoor Playground Be Installed At A Community Center? Playgrounds are a common fixture in any town. You see them at the community center, at local parks, and the local McDonalds. Indoor playgrounds are perhaps less common than outdoor playgrounds, but they offer a number of benefits over an outdoor playground. So is an […]

How Staff Development Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Your Facility

Smiling staff at bowling alley

Promoting Diversity with Staff Development Once your facility has successfully modified its recruitment and hiring practices to reach a more diverse workforce, the next step is to successfully engage and support your team with proper staff development and training. The goal is to create an inclusive and diverse staff from a variety of backgrounds that […]

Five FF&E Pieces That Will Improve Your Community Center

Man playing pool

Five FF&E Pieces You Need For Your Community Center Community centers and recreation centers are often marked by their versatility and flexibility. In most cases, they don’t cover just one specific sport or activity, but offer a wide variety of programs and sports. The FF&E needs of a community center or recreation center vary, depending […]

How to Bring Success to Your Golf Sports Center

Indoor golfing

Keys to a Successful Indoor Golf Sports Center An indoor golf sports center can be an incredibly successful business, especially if you are in a location that experiences poor weather in the winter. But if you have not started an indoor golf business before, you may be wondering exactly what it takes to become successful. […]

Four Custom Pieces That Can Improve Your Sports Complex Design

Four different chairs

Four Custom Furniture Pieces That Will Improve Your Sports Complex Design Sports complex design is becoming increasingly important in today’s sports culture. As the talents of young athletes rise and the desire to play at a higher level rises even faster, having a sports facility that young athletes want to play in will be crucial […]

Host Community Movie Night at Your Recreation Center

Open air movie night

Hosting Community Movie Nights at Your Recreation Center One excellent way to bring your community together is by hosting a movie night at your recreation center. Not only can you share some classic flicks with a whole range of people, but you may be able to attract new and different people to your recreation center […]

Here’s How You Can Improve The Concessions At Your Sports Complex

Concession Stand

How You Can Improve The Concessions At Your Sports Complex A major factor in keeping the visitors of your sports complex happy is by having a good selection of concessions, especially for complexes that host tournaments with high-level competition. Having good concession options will be much appreciated by athletes and spectators alike. However, most sports […]

Improve Your Class Instructors with Staff Development

Aerobics class in session

Staff Development: Getting the Most Out of Your Instructors It is well understood in the fitness industry that member retention and recruitment is key to success. With nearly 50 percent of new gym members quitting within six months, finding any factor that helps improve retention and recruitment is key to success. So the question remains, […]

Here Are Some FF&E Tips For Arcade Gaming

Arcade game

FF&E Tips For Arcade Gaming Most community centers are focused around a gymnasium or a swimming pool, but a great attraction to add to your center or facility is an arcade. If you don’t want to install a full arcade, putting in a few arcade games in a lobby area or recreational space can also […]