Get Your Sports Facility Open with a Pre-Opening Timeline

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

How a Pre-Opening Timeline Gets Your Sports Facility Open On Time Opening a brand new sports facility is a complicated, multi-faceted process that requires efficient and experienced project management. In order to ensure your business maximizes early-stage development, it is important to build momentum through calculated and sequential task management. Today, Sports Facility Management will […]

Why A Multi-Purpose Center Makes More Money Than Others

Multi-purpose center basketball floor

Four Reasons Why A Multi-Purpose Center Generates Better Revenue Than Other Facilities A community center is a great asset for any town or community. They build community morale and involvement, give young people a safe place to hang out and exercise, and promote fitness in the community as a whole. And while this seems like […]

How to Reset the Marketing Strategy for Your Sports Complex

Marketing team creating new strategy

Refreshing Your Marketing Strategy at an Established Sports Complex Has business been slow lately? Are people not coming in like they used to? You could be experiencing the effects of a stale marketing and advertising strategy. Although effective marketing generally follows a few rules, churning out the same advertisements will inevitably result in customers becoming […]

Why A Community Center Is Beneficial For Your Community

Community center lobby

Five Reasons Why A Community Center Is Beneficial For Your Community Many towns in the United States don’t have a community center, leaving residents without a good space for exercise and community involvement. While the process of building a community center can often be difficult and expensive, they provide incalculable benefits for the communities where […]

Using Staff Development to Create a Welcoming Environment

Receptionist welcoming guests

Creating a Welcoming Environment at Your Facility with Staff Development Starting a new business is a challenge no matter how prepared you think you are. One of the most important factors that associated with successful business ventures is the business environment. Creating a positive, welcoming first impression is a crucial step to attract return customers […]

Facility Planning: Here Are Some Tips For Your New Community Center

New aquatics center

Facility Planning Tips For Your New Community Center Building a new community center is a significant undertaking. You have a vision, a mission, and the desire to see it completed, but there are so many steps that must happen before that. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we know better than anybody that this process can be […]

Rugby Could be the Next Big Program at Your Sports Complex

Rugby plays fighting for ball

Hosting Rugby at Your Sports Complex As technology and sports science continue to advance, training facilities and sports complexes must keep up with the growing demands of athletes and programs. Just a few decades ago, a sports complex simply needed a field, seating, and maybe a weight room. Now, as the competition has increased and […]

How To Utilize Signage For Your Sports Complex Design

Sign at a sports complex

Utilizing Signage For Your Sports Complex Design There are a lot of things that go into sports complex design and often, signage is the last thing on a designer’s mind. Sports complex design is about vision and flash, so you aren’t usually thinking about practical things like directional signs or foyer signage. However, signage is […]

How to Run a Tennis Sports Complex

Man and woman playing tennis

Tips for Running a Tennis Sports Complex Running and managing a tennis sports complex requires much more than simply building courts and a facility. Once the facility is finished it is important to turn your focus to membership building and client retention. Focusing on marketing and promotional campaigns can ensure that your tennis sports complex […]

Indoor Soccer Leagues at Your Indoor Sports Facility

Indoor soccer team posing for camera

Hosting Soccer at Your Indoor Sports Facility Indoor soccer is a fun, physical game that is perfect for any indoor sports facility. Like outdoor soccer, the indoor version of the game is growing in popularity all over the country. Though the rules are very similar to outdoor soccer, there are a few key differences to […]

How to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center

Woman doing crossfit workout

What Equipment You Need to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center CrossFit has exploded in popularity across the nation over the last few years. Those of us in the recreation center business would be hard-pressed to find a more popular exercise class than CrossFit. However, in order to host a class that is based on […]

How to Acclimate New Employees With Facility Management

Manager training employee

Facility Management: How to Acclimate New Employees Quickly Hiring a new employee and bringing them up to speed with your business takes time, regardless of how talented they appear to be. Not only do new employees need to acclimate to the culture of your company, but they often need to build the confidence and knowledge […]