How to Build an Excellent Playground at Your Recreation Center

Building a Playground at Your Recreation Center A playground can be an excellent feature to attract the community to your recreation center. A playground raises the local property value substantially and gives families a place where their children can get active. Now that you have decided to build a playground at your recreation center, you […]

Community Center: How To Get Your Town More Involved

Tips For Boosting Community Involvement At Your Community Center A community center is a great way to connect a community and develop relationships. However, the community center is only the facilitator. The people of your town or city have to be on board as well — and as many facility planners find out, that is […]

How to Save Money When Purchasing FF&E

Ways to Save Money on FF&E One mistake that many new sports facilities make when running their business is overpaying for FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment). Many business owners believe that if they spend big on FF&E that they will be more likely to attract customers. That isn’t necessarily the case; while you do want […]

Sports Complex Design: How To Reach Younger Demographics

Reaching Younger Demographics With Sports Complex Design Over the last decade, young people have been becoming less and less physically active, which has made the jobs of community centers and sports complexes that much harder. Young people are the lifeblood of any sports complex, and without them, facilities are going to struggle. There are many […]

Hosting a Dodgeball Tournament at a Recreation Center

How to Host a Dodgeball Tournament at Your Recreation Center Hosting a dodgeball tournament can be a great way to create some revenue at your recreation center and create a great opportunity for your community to get active and have fun. If you are interested in possibly hosting a dodgeball tournament at your recreation center, […]

Indoor Sports Facilities: Is Membership Needed?

Should Indoor Sports Facilities Require Membership? For facility planning and developing, one of the most important aspects of the process is determining a key demographic and client base. For each individual indoor sports facility, that base of people will be different. However, there is one constant between all indoor sports facilities: you have to make […]

Facility Management: Should I choose Full or Part-Time Employees?

Facility Management: Full-Time versus Part-Time Workers One of the most important aspects of facility management is how you recruit and develop your staff. When deciding how you would like to staff your facility, one key question will come up. Should I hire full-time or part-time employees? The answer is complicated and both types have pros […]

Community Center: The Benefits Of An Indoor Pool

The Benefits Of An Indoor Pool For A Community Center In our last blog post, SFA discussed the benefits of outdoor pools. While there are many benefits to an outdoor pool, there are also many benefits to an indoor pool. This decision might not seem that important, but don’t forget that much of the revenue […]

Activities That Can Bring Your Recreation Center Staff Together

Team Building Activities To Bring Your Recreation Center Staff Closer Together One of the best things you can do to ensure that your recreation center is running as efficiently as possible is to make sure your team is working well together. Team building activities are often thought of as cliché. No boss wants to become […]

Community Center: The Benefits Of An Outdoor Pool

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Pool For Your Community Center For community center managers and planners, your pool facility is likely your biggest attraction and your biggest money maker. For many smaller towns, the local pool is the go-to hangout spot during the summer. With the pool being such a good revenue stream, it’s is […]

How to Save Money with Smart Facility Management Decisions

Saving Money with Smart Facility Management To ensure that your business runs with financial efficiency in the competitive market of sports facilities, it is important that you regularly consider ways to save on business expenditures. It can be difficult to step back and reflect on the direction your business is going while simultaneously handling its […]

What Are The FF&E Needs Of Your Fitness Center

FF&E Needs For Your Fitness Center If you are the facility manager at a fitness or community center, FF&E is among the first things that you will have to evaluate. Every fitness center has individual needs for their specific customer base. In today’s post, SFA will look at the FF&E needs of a fitness center. […]