Color Choices in Sports Complex Design

Color choices in your sports complex

How Color Choices Compliment Your Sports Complex Design It has long been known that choice of colors can affect the way people feel. When choosing the design for your sports complex, keep in mind that the color choices of the walls, floors, and seating will greatly affect the overall atmosphere of your facility or recreation […]

Facility Planning: What Should I Ask?

Facility planning questions

Facility Planning: What Questions Should I Ask? There is a lot of work that goes into facility planning, even if you are hiring an outside facility management company, like Sports Facilities Management to help you. Before taking any real steps toward development, you need to know exactly what you are aiming for, and knowing what […]

Advice for Increasing Attendance at Your Recreation Center

How to Raise Recreation Center Attendance Are you looking for new, exciting ways to bring in more people to your recreation center? Maybe attendance has lulled, and you need some marketing ideas to draw in new customers and show them what you have to offer? Try some of the following ideas. Groupon Groupon is a […]

Benefits of Sports Simulators in your Sports Facilities

Man using sports simulator at sports facilities

Reasons to Add a Sports Simulator to Your Sports Facilities If you are looking for a fun addition to your sports facility or recreation center, try adding sports simulators. Sports simulators are exactly what they sound like, interactive simulators where patrons can “play” sports. It’s like a giant interactive video game that lets you physically […]

Planning, Budgeting and Development Funding

Development funding mistakes and advice

Avoid These Development Funding Wasting Habits If you are in the planning and development phase of your sports facility, you know how important it is to stay on budget. The last thing you want to do is run out of money before the facility is even open, and following these tips for development funding to […]

Tips to Increase Revenue at your Sports Complex

Court in a sports complex

How to Increase Sports Complex Revenue You have a successful sports complex, but you are looking for low-risk ways to increase revenue. There are some easy ways to bring in money while also creating programs to benefit your customers in the process. Try some of the following ideas. Partner With Freelance Photographers We all know […]

Artificial Lighting in your Recreation Center

Indoor lighting for recreation centers

Choosing the Best Artificial Lighting for Your Recreation Center When designing and planning your recreation center, lighting is a major factor to consider. Sports Facilities Management has previously discussed how to make the most of natural lighting in your recreation center or sports complex, but what about artificial lighting? Natural lighting is not always available, […]

Advantages/Disadvantages of Offering Racquetball in your Sports Complex

racquetball court in a sports complex

Add a Racquetball Court to Your Sports Complex If you are thinking about building racquetball courts into your sports complex plans, you will want to do some research first to see if is the right decision based on your location, socio-economics of the area, and your clientele. The financial investment of having some facility planning […]

Integrating Feedback Into Indoor Sports Facilities

Indoor sports facilities and use of feedback

How Do You Integrate Feedback Into Indoor Sports Facilities? In previous blog entries, Sports Facilities Management has discussed why acknowledging the feedback of your users is important, whatever kind of indoor sports facilities or recreation center amenities you offer. Beyond simply engaging with your users, however, it is also important to really consider the best, […]

Maintenance for Best Hygiene in your Recreation Center

woman on treadmill in recreation center

Recreation Center Best Practices for Hygiene From a sports facilities management perspective, one of the biggest risks you face is an illness, or worse yet, an outbreak of a disease within your sports complex. To avoid this, great care must be taken to keep your recreation center clean and free of contaminants, bacteria, and infection-prone […]

Facility Management: What Should I Ask?

Facility management and questions to ask

What Should I Ask A Facility Management Professional? When it comes to seeking guidance for facility management — whether you are about to embark on a new project, or looking to revamp your current recreation center — Sports Facilities Management is here to help. While we have the experience to help you with every step […]

Properly Maintain Racquetball Courts in Your Sports Complex

racquetball court in sports complex

Maintenance Tips for your Sports Complex Racquetball Courts It seems there is some dissatisfaction around the care of racquetball courts of late. According to a recent survey (quoted from Club Industry, January 25, 2017), twenty-five percent of gym members are not happy with their health clubs. This sentiment relates to overall sports complex satisfaction, but […]