Five Design Tweaks to Help Save on Sports Facility Construction Costs

Sports Complex Construction and Facility Planning

The cost of sports facility construction is rising  – but these tips can help. Whether you are planning a public-sector sports facility or a privately funded venue, the ultimate goal is to build a state-of-the-art structure with the smallest possible price tag. Fortunately, advances in technology and engineering have made it easier to reduce costs […]

Why Feasibility Studies are Critical to the Success of Any Project


Sports Facilities Advisory can attest to the value of feasibility studies. The next time you hit the hardwood for your rec league basketball game, or the next time you watch your kids run up and down the local soccer field, remember that a great deal of hard work went into the planning of those facilities, […]

Sports Facilities Advisory Process


Explaining the Sports Facilities Advisory six step process. Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we pride ourselves on our ability to get results. Want to build a sports complex? Need development funding? How about a new community recreation center? Thanks to our tried and proven six step process, Sports Facilities Advisory is able to consistently achieve […]

Sports Tourism: What it is and Why it’s Important


Sports tourism: the fastest growing segment within the travel industry today. Defining Sports Tourism Broad in its scope, sports tourism is defined as an individual’s travel to a location for the specific purpose of either participating in or viewing a sporting event. Parents who support children who are participating in sporting events can be included […]

6 Characteristics of a Top Performing Outdoor Sports Complex


Key characteristics of top performing outdoor sports complexes. An outdoor sports complex is an integral part of a community. Not only does it offer residents of the area a safe place to enjoy recreational and competitive sporting events, but it also helps to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. But first, before a community is […]