11 Benefits of a Community Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Advisory knows that these potential community benefits readily come with a recreation center.

Stay Healthy Longer

Community recreation centers offer many programs that help benefit both the body and the mind. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure, delayed onset of diabetes, lower heart disease rates, and overall increased longevity. Exercise also helps increase white blood cells and aids in strengthening your immune system.

Reduce Stress

The benefits of sports complexes not only help the body, but they also create a less stressed mind. Stress greatly affects the community at large, and people who regularly use recreation centers have lower stress levels than sedentary people. Another benefit to the mind is overall happiness. People who exercise regularly are more than twice as likely to consider themselves happy.

Benefits to Families

Couples and families that play together tend to stay together. Family ties are improved by spending leisure time with each other. This effect even works with parent-child relationships. The sports facility management team usually has unique ways to help families participate together to increase family ties.

Reduce Crime Rates with Children

Juvenile criminal rates can decrease up to 25% when the community has a recreation center for adolescents to attend. A community recreation center gives children a safe place to play, keeping them off the streets.

Recreation Centers Increase Property Value

Houses that are located closely to newly built community centers or sports centers notice increases in property values. Studies have shown that people not only love going to recreation centers, but they are also willing to pay to live closer to one.

Keep Your Employees Alert and Around

Employees who exercise regularly used almost half as many absences as employees who did not engage in physical activity. Employees who had actively paid for membership for physical recreation are more alert on the job and have a lower turnover rate than employees without similar benefits.

Cultural Diversity

Sometimes, cultural differences can cause some problems in community relations and in workplaces. Participating in group activities can help to increase cohesion in both the community and the workplace. Sports tourism also brings more cultural diversity to many types of different events.

Boost Your Students’ Performance

Students who actively participate in recreational activities have increased retention rates. In tests given to more than 33,000 students, researchers verified the link between active lifestyles and retention levels.

Child Care

A lot of recreation centers are offering programs that help parents keep their children busy and having fun. Many sports complexes are including areas for after-school childcare to help keep kids out of an empty home while the parents are out working. Some sports facilities offer many summer programs that can also help further physical and mental growth in kids, which can benefit families with two working parents. Proper facility planning can keep kids off the street while helping them prepare for their futures.

Public Safety

Some recreation centers offer classes that teach CPR and first aid procedures that can greatly benefit the community. These classes usually cost very little to attend, and some even offer free enrollment. Recreation centers are also seen as safe spots since the large crowds can deter violent situations.


Sports facilities can hold large tournaments that can bring people from neighboring states. This increase of people can help bring more revenue into a city a few times a year. Local businesses along with the recreation centers see an increase in revenue during these large events.